Reality66 (behind Cart66 and Mijireh) launches Cart66 Cloud


Wow. I wonder if this may be what was going to be WP Stores? I wrote about Cart66 at WPCandy over two years ago, that caught a bunch of attention / upset customers. Their owner was really nice and I did a followup shortly thereafter.

But honestly, I haven't heard much since then. I was trying to choose between Cart66 and Jigoshop when Jigoshop was new, and ended up going with Jigoshop for some workflow reasons. That was before even WooCommerce forked Jigoshop. Since then, so much has happened in the eCommerce space I forgot about them.

Chris Lema posted about the new Cart 66 Cloud in more detail on his blog, but I thought I'd expand on my experience of that past timeline a bit more.

It blows me away that Reality66 is behind Mijireh as well. WooThemes keeps Mijireh as a listed Payment Gateway link in the core plugin, even though they are technically competitors with Reality66 in other ways.

Sidenote: technically Mijireh isn't a payment gateway; they are a checkout-page environment to help stores offer a PCI compliant checkout (users go to Mijireh, but the page is slurped from the eCommerce site design).

Anyway, it is a small world, after all. And it's very strange to me that I've heard mostly good things about Mijireh while (historically) not hearing too many good things about Cart66. But Chris thinks they're “back”. And combined with the announcement about iThemes Exchange, things are really shaking up in WordPress eCommerce land.