iThemes is entering the WordPress eCommerce landscape with Exchange

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

5 thoughts on “iThemes is entering the WordPress eCommerce landscape with Exchange”

  1. Brian, thanks for this … it’s the biggest collaborative project we’ve taken on in 5 years. I haven’t been this excited about a project since BackupBuddy. It unifies all we have been doing and will be doing for the foreseeable future.

    As an ecommerce expert, I’d love to get you on the private beta list to get your input.

    By the way … I wrote this post about competition an innovation as a primer when we started the project. πŸ™‚

  2. I think it’s Digital Goods only. “Exchange is a FREE WordPress ecommerce plugin that will help you start selling digital goods online this summer. “

    • It actually says both, depending on which part of the post you look at πŸ™‚ “You simply want to do one thing: sell your products and/or services online”

      Maybe Cory can clarify for us!

    • Hey John — v.1 will be digital products and services but this will eventually take on the whole ecommerce enchilada. We’ve got a tentative roadmap but are going to listen to users and see what the needs are.

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