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Post Status Excerpt (No. 9) — Recommended Reading for WordPress Professionals and How We Update

Cory recommends some books for working professionals in the WordPress space. 📚

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, Cory Miller recommends three books with great value to the WordPress community and people who make their living as professionals in it. From the business value of community itself to marketing fundamentals and how to avoid being a perfectionist, Cory explains why he thinks these books stand out. Cory also tells us how he reads “like a vampire.” 🧛‍♂️ (No he does not sleep in a coffin.)

Also covered in this episode: David talks about a recent post on the Make WordPress site by Francesca Marano, “Updates on updating the updaters.” David asks Cory how he handles WordPress core and plugin updates. Cory's answer may (or may not) surprise you! (Learning how to be an “Imperfectionist” might be useful when it comes to WordPress updates.)

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