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Rethinking WordPress Products Pricing Models

Jon Christopher wrote about how heโ€™s rethinking the pricing model for his OrganizeWP product, and he got some good conversation going in Slack about it.

Here’s what he’s doing: “licenses for updates and support will be sold for each major version, and they donโ€™t expire.”

I know first-hand the uphill battle it was to build a healthy revenue model as a WordPress product company. For the first 7-8 years we didnโ€™t have automatic subscriptions, and then after we did it felt much more sustainable.

Jon mentions โ€œsubscription fatigue,โ€ which is a growing issue Iโ€™m sensing as a customer now. It goes against the grain of the overall WordPress product space for sure, but weโ€™re eager to see how Jon’s experiment goes.