Rogue shortcodes cause controversy for 4.2.3 security release

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

1 thought on “Rogue shortcodes cause controversy for 4.2.3 security release”

  1. “It appears something could’ve been made up to appease plugin authors and largely veil the security implications.” In the case of the emoji update this worked really well, but I think a certain tone of transparency is really important for all WordPress security fixes moving forward is important. Really glad to learn from Helen that there’s a security czar now in charge of these types of decisions.

    I am also flabbergasted by attempts to downgrade, or the general consensus of some mid-level WordPress agencies that updates are bad. It’s our job as WordPress professionals AND engineers to constantly educate others, including fellow WordPress agencies, so that our environments can be secure and safe from massive monetary losses down the road.

    Awesome analysis as always, Brian!!

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