Selling a lifestyle and getting personal

I’m always intrigued by how companies market themselves, both to clients and potential employers.

Envato has put a good bit of effort into their marketing videos, and they are definitely selling a lifestyle — both to sellers and employees. They recently published a video about what it’s like to work at Envato, which is now a company made up of hundreds of people. I also couldn’t help but notice how strongly of a family business it is for the Ta’eed’s.

On their YouTube channel, they also have what they call Envato Stories, which are incredibly well produced films that feature some of their top authors. For instance, this one with Andy Wilkerson* highlights how his theme shop at Envato has empowered him to lead the type of life he has today. Another one featuring Muhammad Haris (of ThemeFusion) has also inspired thousands of people.

This style of marketing is powerful. It’s hard to watch videos like this and not want to get involved in such a community. I think personal videos like this could be a powerful tool for small and large WordPress businesses. It’s a great way to feel like you really know the people behind the usernames and websites.

Related: they just launched global meetups, so you can get to know others in the Envato community near you.

* Andy is a fellow Alabamian by the way. A sure way to get featured on Post Status: do something cool and be from Alabama. I actually hung out with Andy and his wife in Phoenix for PressNomics, and he’s a great guy in person too.

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