Several proposals that appeared on Make…

Several proposals that appeared on Make WordPress over the past week have started some good discussions:

  • Ian Dunn proposed a policy of support for the last six versions of WordPress with auto-updates that bring unsupported sites to the oldest supported version. Ian says his proposal “contains a careful roll-out plan” and “would not be a sudden and un-communicated change.” It’s a productive conversation with talk of an option for site admins to opt-out of the update with clear instructions 30 days in advance.
  • Andrew Nacin shared a reminder worth repeating: “WordPress only supports the latest major version. To be exceptionally clear, this has essentially always been the policy.”
  • Heather Burns noted the privacy team is engaged in a discussion of the possibility of creating a consent and logging mechanism for WordPress, most likely as a feature plugin.
  • Jonathan Bossenger proposed a “Feature Project” called “WP Notify,” which addresses the lack of a fundamental mechanism for sending notifications to users to give them feedback “about state changes in the system.” Admin notices, in a nutshell, haven’t been cutting it.

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