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Shoppable Pins, WooCommerce 6.4, and the Blockified Road Ahead

BobWP’s WooSnippet for the Week of March 18.

WooCommerce Partners with Pinterest πŸ“Œ WooCommerce 6.4 and Blocks Roadmap Released πŸ—ΊοΈ Blockify all the things! βœ‚οΈ DevLife Snippets

WooCommerce Partners with Pinterest

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with WooCommerce and a Pinterest for WooCommerce extension. If you are using Pinterest these days and either run a shop or have clients who do, now you’re going to be able to convert your product catalogs into Shoppable Pins. We are talking about serious product listing expansion!

Elina Vilk wrote a handy guide on the WooCommerce blog to help get you started.

Pinterest has 400 million monthly users β€” a huge audience WooCommerce can reach now with no coding through catalog sync and tag deployment. Pinterest’s announcement explains:

WooCommerce merchants will be able to create or connect a Pinterest for Business account to directly sync their product catalogs, which will turn their products into browsable product Pins. This activity can be tracked, measured, and optimized for developing shopping campaigns and specific targeting.

WooCommerce 6.4 Released

WooCommerce 6.4 was released this week, and as usual, the updated versions of WooCommerce Blocks and WooCommerce Admin were included. A combination of 478 commits kept things busy.

WooCommerce Blocks Roadmap Released

In even bigger news, the WooCommerce Blocks Roadmap was updated for the first two quarters of 2022 due to a very busy first quarter. (These reports will come out on a quarterly schedule, moving forward.) In a nutshell, the roadmap includes the introduction of Store Editing and moves toward greater customization functionality. Site assemblers, agencies, developers, extension, and theme developers are the target audience for these steps in Woo’s evolution.

Blockify all the things!

Currently, the focus in WooCommerce development is on initial block theme support, the Mini Cart Block, and adding Global Styles support to WooCommerce blocks. Next up are improvements to existing blocks while ensuring that relevant theme.json directives apply to the various WooCommerce templates. It’s also a priority to ensure the relevant Store Editing pieces will work well with the coming 6.0 version of WordPress and new blocks that are around the bend.

Down the road, we will see the “Blockifying” of the Single Block Template and continued work on new blocks that have been hinted at. These are a Filter Products by Rating block and a Categories Grid block.

DevLife Snippets at Do the Woo

I have started to pull out some gems from podcast episodes on Do the Woo, and I’ve entitled them DevLife Snippets. These will be included in short posts about Woo Builders and their stories. How does a Woo Builder get into web development? You can see the first two now.

Ownership and the Open Web with Aaron Campbell

Don’t miss this great conversation we had with Aaron Campbell on ownership and the open web.

That’s it for this week!

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