Post Status Excerpt (No. 54) —What WordPress Can Learn from Joomla

David: “What do you think the WordPress community takes for granted?”
Robert: “The support of Automattic.”

Excerpt #54 — “What WordPress Can Learn from Joomla”

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David and Dan team up to talk with Robert Jacobi. Robert is the Director of WordPress at Cloudways. He has also served as president of the Joomla open source project. With his experience and knowledge of Joomla’s approach to governance, contributors, and the many challenges facing open source projects, the three dive into what the WordPress community can learn from a peer open source CMS of the same generation as WordPress.

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Why This Matters: WordPress might be big, but it’s not the only open source fish in the CMS ocean. Drupal and Joomla are the other two big names that have matured but taken their own unique paths with different governance models, cultures, and ways of getting things done. There’s a lot to learn outside the WordPress bubble from other projects like Joomla as they experience unique challenges and navigate familiar ones.

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