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Business Member Spotlight: Codeable

(Codeable is our first Business Member Spotlight in our new series highlighting business members.)

The WordPress ecosystem is fascinating. From huge corporations to freelancers to bloggers and mom-and-pop type shops, WordPress is a common thread that pulls us all together.

Codeable logo

The Codeable platform is the only WordPress freelancer platform.

Codeable is one of those threads, too. They match their customers to the best WordPress experts, whether that’s to solve a problem, connect a payment gateway, or build an entire website.

I recently “sat down” (OK – he was standing, I was sitting, and it was on Zoom) with Mike Demo from Codeable to learn more about how they work, how experts work within Codeable, and how customers interface with both the company and the experts.

If you’d like to learn more about Codeable, visit our project dashboard.

TL;DR: My biggest takeaway: Codeable is an amazing place for a freelancer to build an entire career.

(Want to skip ahead and just apply as a WordPress expert? We’ve got you covered with a link here.)

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