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Space, Assertiveness, Little Bets, and Love

# The Importance of Space

Michelle Frechette is on a much deserved vacation this week, but before she left she wrote this great reflection on the various aspects of getting appropriate space for yourself:

โ€œIt’s altogether easy to understand, and an enigma in so many ways.

In order to be productive, happy, and healthy, we often define our lives in terms of space: physical space, emotional space, and time.โ€

# On Assertiveness

Assertiveness is something I struggle with and have been slowly working on. It doesnโ€™t come easy to me. Iโ€™m a huge fan of psychologist and prolific writer Nick Wignall. Weโ€™ve had him on Draft at Post Status before, but this post on assertiveness is a great post to bookmark.

Two suggestions he makes stood out to me: โ€œMake imperfect decisionsโ€ and โ€œStop top trying to manage how other people feel.โ€

# Book Nook Picks

Professional Pick: Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries by Peter Sims โ€” I bought and read this book in 2011, and it transformed how I approach and think about business and professional experiments.

Personal Pick: In the #booknook this week, there was a conversation about love. Two books mentioned were bell hooksโ€™ All About Love and A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis.