Speaking of survey results, the Editor…

Speaking of survey results, the Editor Experience Survey results are in. 2,563 responses anonymous results in total. You should read the results and the analysis, but here’s some tidbits:

  • Not surprisingly, most filling out the survey identified with being a developer as their use of WordPress
  • 89% use the WordPress Editor weekly or more
  • 85% of respondents use the Text Editor at least sometimes
  • 3/4 of those surveyed don’t use the distraction-free writing mode
  • Regarding things never used in the editor: the main element never used was the “Text color” dropdown, followed closely by the “Special character” button

I think Sarah Gooding gave a valid critique for the survey:

The Editor Experience survey was a good first start, but it doesn’t accurately represent WordPress’ global user base. The results are heavily skewed towards developers’ needs and experiences. Developers are users, too, but there has to be a way to get these surveys into the hands of a more diverse sampling of users. Reopening the survey and circulating it beyond the WordPress developer community might help to paint a more accurate picture of users’ experiences with the editor.

But getting that kind of survey in front of less technical users is easier said than done.

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