Starting a mastermind

Today, I had my first meeting with my new (and first ever) mastermind group.

Not heard of a mastermind? It’s typically a small group of individuals connected by at least some common thread, where the group meets periodically to discuss issues relevant to life or business, and receive feedback and accountability from one another.

I’ve heard many people in the WordPress and web communities describe their positive experiences with mastermind groups. One of the more relevant conversations I’ve heard regarding a mastermind in the WordPress world was between Pippin Williamson and Brad Touesnard on Apply Filters.

I wanted to be part of a mastermind, so today I met with three counterparts in the WordPress world for my first mastermind.

I figured we’re not the only four people interested in this, so here’s our setup we came up with today, so you can mimic it if you decide to do a mastermind:

  • 4 people
  • Similar (but not identical) business structures, career stage, and world views.
  • Each week we meet via video call for 1 hour. High-priority meeting that should not be missed.
  • Two of four spend 15 minutes each to focus on their business. Feedback, Q/A, anything is game. But you end up with every other week getting critical feedback from the other three members.
  • The other half hour is split between short updates from each member, accountability, new goal setting, and other brief updates.
  • Take notes each week.
  • Dedicated Slack group/channel for relevant links and conversation throughout the week.
  • What’s said in the mastermind, stays in the mastermind. Completely honest, no barriers zone.

This is a good way to get honest and consistent feedback from your peers. You can also learn from one another’s experiences and lift one another up.

If you have never heard of or considered a mastermind, think about it. I’m really excited for my new one.

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