Sucuri want to compete with CloudFlare

Sucuri is seeking to build a full CloudFlare alternative, according to WP Tavern:

“The fundamental difference is that it’s security first, performance second,” Perez said. “So yes, in the coming months you’ll see more as our solution blossoms into a full WAF/CDN solution.”

Up until now the company has been limited by using a leased architecture but is making changes to support the WAF/CDN expansion.

“We’re actively migrating from a leased architecture to our own infrastructure, giving us full control of the website,” Perez said. “This gives us optimal control to mitigate all attacks, including large scale DDOS attacks; a by-product of that will be performance in the form of a global CDN.”

Part of the announcement is a new performance measuring tool.

According to Sucuri’s website, they are serving more than 250,000 domains and clean more than 300 websites a day now. They’ve grown a lot, and they have a lot more planned.

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