Sites hacked with fake CloudFlare DDoS alerts infected with RATs

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) are new to me β€” apparently, you can get one on a Windows machine as a malware payload from fake CloudFlare DDoS alert pages on hacked WordPress sites. Ben Martin at Sucuri explains “a recent surge in JavaScript injections targeting WordPress sites has resulted in fake DDoS prevent prompts which lead…

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What you should know about the Sucuri acquisition deal by GoDaddy

In fewer than six years, Sucuri went from a team trying to decide when the founders should go full time, to a team of more than one hundred people, and an acquisition deal in their hands from one of the world’s largest web hosts. The company was founded in 2009, but it wasn’t until January…

Sucuri want to compete with CloudFlare

Sucuri is seeking to build a full CloudFlare alternative, according to WP Tavern: β€œThe fundamental difference is that it’s security first, performance second,” Perez said. β€œSo yes, in the coming months you’ll see more as our solution blossoms into a full WAF/CDN solution.” Up until now the company has been limited by using a leased…

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