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Join the Incident Response Team

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Dan Knauss
The now-forming Incident Response Team (IRT) is a community-led effort to help us all build and sustain a culture around WordPress that is healthy, inclusive, and safe. Angela Jin is calling for your nominations for a diverse group of people who can contribute by serving on the IRT.

Cami Kaos covers some common questions…

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Dan Knauss
Cami Kaos covers some common questions involving the Code of Conduct that is associated with the WordPress Community Team — in particular, what happens if someone "does something wrong" — and if the problem is not resolved? 🤔 Cami says…

Here’s a helpful and interesting look at…

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Brian Krogsgard

Here's a helpful and interesting look at the policies and procedures for Code of Conduct violations at WordCamp Europe. If you're involved in event organization, check it out. You'd be surprised that these types of actions do periodically have to be enforced.
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