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Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

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Dan Knauss
The WordPress Enterprise Paradox Magne Ilsaas goes back a long way as a WordPress agency founder serving large enterprise clients. Why WordPress has been such a success in that space is now a barrier to its growth, Magne argues. Itā€¦
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WOOF for WooCommerce

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Dan Knauss
WOOF is a new directory for WooCommerce extensions. Their goal is to become the ā€œyellow pagesā€ for your WooCommerce add-on needs. Check out the guidelines for joining. Announced today by Dave Loodts, Dave clarified in Post Status Slack that theā€¦

Dave Loodts started an interesting discussion…

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Dan Knauss

Dave Loodts started an interesting discussion on paid freelance contributors to WordPress, partly in response to theĀ rise in contributors who are employees of WordPress companies. Dave contends that freelance volunteers bring anĀ "honest and neutral" voice to WordPress, and theirĀ participation canā€¦
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