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Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

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Dan Knauss
Magne Ilsaas wants WordPress to be more than the pragmatic choice for enterprise clients. He wants WordPress agencies to be known for a distinct WordPress culture and mindset. Alain Schlesser, Carole Olinger, Carl Alexander, and Zach Stepek have a frank talk with Bob Dunn about the costs of not supporting WordPress contributors. Post Status members including Dave Loodts, Marius Jensen, Jeremy Ward, and Chris Reynolds discuss the looming PHP 7.4 EOL. Plus Jb Audras' breakdown of contributions to the WordPress 6.1 release. For your weekend reading, some news and insights from business, workplace, webtech, and govtech writers beyond the WordPress bubble.
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Dave Loodts started an interesting discussion…

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Dan Knauss

Dave Loodts started an interesting discussion on paid freelance contributors to WordPress, partly in response to theĀ rise in contributors who are employees of WordPress companies. Dave contends that freelance volunteers bring anĀ "honest and neutral" voice to WordPress, and theirĀ participation canā€¦
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