Google wants you to host your WordPress site in their cloud

Google has added PHP to their App Engine services, enabling PHP based apps to be run in their cloud service. I saw various tweets and articles that noted they specifically made sure WordPress would be able to perform in the App Engine environment. I’d be interested to see how it performs. h/t David Bisset on…

A Few Lessons I’ve Learned as a WordCamp Organizer

On his fourth year as an organizer of WordCamp Miami, David Bisset is still learning how to pull off a flawless, successful event. What i’m going to relate to you now are the lessons I’ve learned from drama in past WordCamp Miami events. An entertaining read on the challenges of a WordCamp organizer.

Theme independence among potential BuddyPress 1.7 features

Ryan Imel posted on WPCandy about some features in the works for BuddyPress 1.7. Of them, theme independence catches my eye the most. It would certainly be nice to have a relatively simple path for enabling any theme for BuddyPress. Currently, if the theme isn’t developed for BuddyPress from the start, it can be a…

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