WPBillings – an upcoming CRM tool on WordPress

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7 thoughts on “WPBillings – an upcoming CRM tool on WordPress”

  1. Anyone already using WordPress as a CRM? If I remember right, Bill Erickson has a Genesis child theme he was using for it at one point.

  2. I currently use Billings (the app by MarketPlace), but would be quite interested to hear of a WordPress based solution. I’d be interested to hear whether this plugin would have a timer function, to accurately record time spent on each project.

    I recently built a website for a client, including a significant CRM element using the WP CRM plugin. The client was pretty happy with it, but his needs were fairly relaxed, so not sure how it would fare with someone with more robust CRM needs.

  3. Hi, i’m the guy behind this project. Well, i have already created a similar plugin but it wasn’t using CPT, so this time i’m doing it with another approach. The main idea is to have a strong basis open for other developers to create addons such as payment gateways of estimates/invoices templates. It should be very useful for many people and i’m sure you’ll find it interesting!

    • I hadn’t even considered that you could accept payments on your site for invoices. And have clients view their invoices and the current status of projects right on your site. This is genius… Really looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  4. Signed up to be notified when launched.

    Just note I have a plugin for invoicing/quoting for sale on Extendd.com. Maybe it will be better than mine…

    My plugin is still in a “beta” stage even though I’ve now labeled it as out of beta. I too have built it on a custom post type. If you are interested in chatting, hit me up Remi.

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