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Over, Under, Around, and Through

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Dan Knauss
WordPress Business News Roundup for the Week of October 3 Why the Growth Charts Don't Matter Alex Denning pointed out in the Ellipsis newsletter that in 2019-20, only four plugins entered the space and broke into the upper tiers.…
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Till Krüss on Object Cache Pro, WordPress, Plugins, Testing, and Performance — Post Status Draft 126

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Dan Knauss
Transcript ↓ Back in August, I had a long conversation with Till Krüss (edited down to <60 minutes here) about his path into WordPress, Laravel, and performance. It's about time we published it as an episode of Post Status Draft!…

Custom routing for the adventurous

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Brian Krogsgard

Every time I read a post from Carl Alexander, I think, "Neat, now show me more examples of this in action!" This one is no different, where he describes how to build a custom routing system for WordPress. If you're…

Redis object cache for WordPress

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Brian Krogsgard
WordPress has long had a Memcached backend available for object caching. Over the past several weeks, Eric Mann and Erick Hitter have built out a Redis-based alternative for object caching. Updated Source:
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