Get Hired

How to Get a Job in WordPress

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Courtney Robertson
In their debut conversation for Get Hired, Cory and Courtney discuss the kinds of jobs that are available in WordPress and where to find them. Welcome to the first episode of the Post Status Get Hired podcast! Cory Miller, CEO…

Issue #453 Howdy! We’re working for…

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Dan Knauss

Issue #453 Howdy! We’re working for you! Behind the scenes, our Post Status team has been doing some tech housekeeping and making much-needed updates to our site to help our members, with more on the way — including a redesigned…

Our Future Together at Post Status

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Cory Miller
This is what started it all: On October 31, 2019, I sent this DM to Krogsgard on Twitter because I saw his announcement about the Get Hired Project and reached out to see if I could help in any way. …
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