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Post Status Excerpt (No. 72) — Can We Get to “Yes” on Better UX?

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Dan Knauss
PlanetPost Status Podcasts
WordPress User Experiences from DIY Builders to Enterprise Users Transcript ↓ Can We Get to "Yes" on Better UX? What does WordPress need to do to increase its appeal to do-it-yourself website builders and creators who are trying to take…
Post Status Excerpt (No. 72) — Can We Get to "Yes" on Better UX?
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Ask a #WordPress Question: As a Senior Developer with little WordPress experience, how can I best showcase my WordPress skills to clients?

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Dan Knauss
Sometimes we get questions — because we have a form for WordPress Questions. Go ahead, ask away! This one is from Jordan at Coming in as a Senior Dev / Senior Dev (w/o much WordPress), how can I best…

Post Status Notes #501

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David Bisset
Elementor acquires Strattic The latest addition to our acquisition tracker was a bit of a surprise to many people — a plugin company acquiring a host for a change. Elementor is a hosted solution and booming platform ecosystem, however, since…

WordPress Podcast Picks for the Week of March 27

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David Bisset
PlanetThe Week in Review
My Podcast Picks Matt Report: Rob Howard talks about building an agency, hiring, and purchasing MasterWP.Reverse Engineered: Jon has a conversation with Aleyda Solis, an international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti, a boutique SEO consultancy specialized in international, mobile,…

Post Status Comments (No. 3) — The State of the WordPress News

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David Bisset
WordPress journalists and news commentators on the nature of their work, their views on the community, and the future of the project. In this episode of Post Status Comments, David and Dan host a conversation with several members of the…
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