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The WP Agency Journey with Bet Hannon of AccessiCart-Post Status Draft

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Bet Hannon, CEO of AccessiCart, talks with Cory Miller about her journey in starting an agency focused on accessibility and e-commerce in the WordPress space. She highlights the importance of accessibility, not only as a legal requirement but also as a means to enhance the user experience for all visitors. Bet emphasizes the need for WordPress professionals to continually educate themselves about accessibility and user experience best practices, collaborate with communities, and consider the diverse needs of users with disabilities. By prioritizing accessibility and optimizing user experiences, we can create inclusive websites that benefit all users.
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Post Status Live – The Right Approach to WordPress Accessibility

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Cory Miller
If you’re a leader, a developer, or a designer about to start a major website project, this webinar will help you navigate the important topic of accessibility. Cory Miller is joined by the team at Modern Tribe - Chris Kindred, Director of Backend Development, Sarah Gless, Creative Director, and Mike Klanac, Director of Business Development, to discuss why accessibility is imperative and how to integrate it into each aspect of development and implementation.

WordPress Website Cost to Develop

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Brian Krogsgard
Every business needs a website. Not only does it tell your customers what you do, but it gives you credibility. WordPress is the best website option, but what will it set you back? The WordPress website cost to develop question…

The $500 Website

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Dan Knauss
A decade ago, Chris Butler's survey and report for Newfangled provided other agencies with the numbers that meaningfully define their market. WordPress agencies and freelancers could use something similar today.

The Decline of Speed Booster Pack

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Barış Ünver
WordPress success stories are great, but this time, you’re going to read about a failure. It’s about the Speed Booster Pack plugin and the depressing, constant decline of its active installs.

It’s not the size that matters…

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Dan Knauss
Can WordPress’s heavy reliance on volunteerism be offset or better supported by those most able to subsidize the work of others and their access to events? Do the largest WordCamps serve well, in their current form, as signature industry events that developers, product owners, and investors outside WordPress can recognize as such? Can the upper, middle, and lower markets within the WordPress ecosystem find mutual benefit through the things they share in common?
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