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WordPress Careers Roundup for the Week of September 19, 2022

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Dan Knauss
Why do designers quit? Matej Latin breaks down the results of his survey. Amelia Nagoski says self-care is not enough to prevent burnout — we have to care for each other. Alyssa Place explains how managers can do that. Maintenance failures can be lethal, but Stewart Brand finds the winning maintenance style in sailing history.
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Why do designers quit their jobs?

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Dan Knauss
Matej Latin did a survey of designers who quit their jobs and discovered: No career progression opportunities and unhappiness with the work they do were about equal, at about 20% each.Problems with company culture came next.A lack of UX maturity…

A user in total control is a designer’s nightmare

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Brian Krogsgard

In an outstanding piece on Smashing Magazine, Matej Latin discusses balancing options versus decisions for product design. WordPress gets nice marks in the blog post for making smart decisions, thankfully. I like the usage of various applications as examples -- from…
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