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Catching up with Do the Woo

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Dan Knauss
Bob puts out so much writing and audio at Do the Woo and has so many different people featured, it's hard to keep up! These are some recent ones I've taken note of but didn't get into a post or…
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A Definitive Guide to WP-Config, the WordPress 6.1 Field Guide, and Twenty Twenty-Three

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Daniel Schutzsmith
Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of design and development in the WordPress space this past week: A delicious developer's advanced guide to WP-Config, the WordPress 6.1 Field Guide, and Twenty Twenty-Three looks amazing! Brian Gardner released a new FSE theme, Powder. Cool Tool of the Week: Lorem Picsum by David Marby and Nijiko Yonskai.

Post Status Notes #501

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David Bisset
Elementor acquires StratticWP Engine acquires Delicious Brains' plugins 🧠 • When the Cathedrals own the Bazaars and Shopping Centers and you're in a strip mall with a fruit stand...Jetpack decouples • InstaWP gets seed funding from Automattic 🌱 • Automattic hire #2000 • World-class FSE, how? 🌐 • WCEU by the numbers • Weglot gives back • RoleUp rolls out • Tadlock exits WP Tavern 🍺 • Why 'why' matters most • The Big 2-0 next year • All there is to know about core WordPress email notifications, documented ✉️ • System font stack check • Do not follow by default • Museum of Block Art opens 🎨 • Meet Yvonne Doll • Mostly modest WordPress wishlists • WooCommerce Experts to go global • How to do well in a downturn 📉 • Some things we don't — but ought to — talk about. 🐘 Silent no longer about Sustainability.

Milana Cap reviews some older default…

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Dan Knauss

Milana Cap reviews some older default themes that are receiving some block pattern love in the upcoming WordPress 5.8 release. From the visuals she shares, these patterns add a freshness to old default themes in a way not seen before.
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