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Agency Business Brief for the Week of September 12

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Dan Knauss
Founders Invest in Atarim Just before WCUS, Vito Peleg announced Atarim has completed its first funding round led by Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt, the founders of Yoast SEO, which was acquired by Newfold Digital a year…
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Post Status Notes #490

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David Bisset
No Content Courtney has the week's news from the people making WordPress at .org. 🏗️ Check out David's podcast and video picks for the week. 🎙️ Have you found greater benefits or costs from being assertive in your workplace? ✋…

The Woo Snippet: This Week in WooCommerce (March 14)

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Bob Dunn
DevelopmentThe Week in Review
Newfold Acquires YITH This week of Woo has transpired rather quietly until today's news that Clearlake and Siris-backed Newfold Digital have acquired YITH, which was announced today. YITH is a WooCommerce plugin shop that's been around for a long time…

Post Status Comments (No. 5) — The First Annual WordPress News Draft

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Olivia Bisset
"This story reminded me that big company, big money doesn't mean just more profit but can also mean big contributions." —Aurooba Ahmed It's the first-ever Post Status WordPress News Draft! The initial group of news "avengers" in this episode are…

Post Status Excerpt (No. 20) — Yoast Acquired, Businesses Need to Allow More Play

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David Bisset
PlanetPost Status Podcasts
Allowing time to goof off or pursuing a passion improves team connections. Professor Jane Dutton from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business suggests "four ways to build high-quality workplace connections" — respectful engagement, support, trust — and play.…
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