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Community Roundup Week Ending March 31

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Michelle Frechette
The Wayback Machine Do you ever use any of the mechanisms in place for looking back over time? Whether it's the Wayback Machine, Facebook Memories, or simply scrolling back through the photos in your phone, our histories make us who…
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Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

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Dan Knauss
Magne Ilsaas wants WordPress to be more than the pragmatic choice for enterprise clients. He wants WordPress agencies to be known for a distinct WordPress culture and mindset. Alain Schlesser, Carole Olinger, Carl Alexander, and Zach Stepek have a frank talk with Bob Dunn about the costs of not supporting WordPress contributors. Post Status members including Dave Loodts, Marius Jensen, Jeremy Ward, and Chris Reynolds discuss the looming PHP 7.4 EOL. Plus Jb Audras' breakdown of contributions to the WordPress 6.1 release. For your weekend reading, some news and insights from business, workplace, webtech, and govtech writers beyond the WordPress bubble.

Digital Marketing as the “Edge” in Recession

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Cory Miller
I asked How Is “Recession” Talk Affecting Your Clients? in our Agency Owners channel because I was curious what those on the frontlines working with clients are hearing and seeing. Hendrik Luehrsen said “clients are actively pushing the envelope to…

The rubber band recession

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Brian Krogsgard
I am not a professional analyst of the economy. But even for the professionals, there are significant uncertainties. I don’t mean to strike fear with this post. I mean to encourage preparedness — or at least as much as we…
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