Translations Across the Project • Admin Design • New Blocks Page • Working Group on Organizations Supporting WordPress • Contributor Mentorship

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Courtney Robertson
With just a few days before Community Summit, Contributor Day, and WordCamp US, many initiatives across the project are gearing up for time well-spent together.

Docs, Training, and several other teams are joining together to work on translations and localizations in a way that supports Gutenberg Phase 4 Multilingual.

The Design team is working on the new look for the admin dashboard. Meta team shares a post on the new Blocks page and seeks your feedback. They also have a post calling for working group participants to define the criteria for the Supporting Organizations page.

Concluding last week, the New Contributor Mentorship Program share the highlights and an oveview of our month together.

WordPress 6.3 • Release Workflows • European Union Cyber Resiliency Act • Gutenberg Accessibility

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Courtney Robertson
WordPress 6.3, Lionel, has been released. It's time to test out the details and footnotes blocks, give the WP_DEVELOPMENT_MODE a try, and check out the new Get Involved tab on the Welcome screen.

The WordPress Training team announces its first course cohort for The course will cover Developing Your First WordPress Block, and offer real-time collaborative learning.

In December of 2021, Log4j vulnerability sparked governmental-level decision-making implications in the EU (Cyber Resiliency Act) and USA (SBOM). WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Typo3 have shared concerns regarding the EU CRA.

Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

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Dan Knauss
Magne Ilsaas wants WordPress to be more than the pragmatic choice for enterprise clients. He wants WordPress agencies to be known for a distinct WordPress culture and mindset. Alain Schlesser, Carole Olinger, Carl Alexander, and Zach Stepek have a frank talk with Bob Dunn about the costs of not supporting WordPress contributors. Post Status members including Dave Loodts, Marius Jensen, Jeremy Ward, and Chris Reynolds discuss the looming PHP 7.4 EOL. Plus Jb Audras' breakdown of contributions to the WordPress 6.1 release. For your weekend reading, some news and insights from business, workplace, webtech, and govtech writers beyond the WordPress bubble.
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