WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 • Help Test • WPDiversity • Plugin Team Next Phase • Mentorship

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Courtney Robertson
Release season is upon us as we approach WordPress 6.3's August 8th release. Your help is needed testing the latest changes.

Do you run or attend WordPress events and notice only one type of person is attending? What can you do to be a good ally to foster, promote, and support diversity and an inclusive space? Sign up now for the July 20th WPDiversity workshop.

Stop by the Plugin team to wish Mika a happy retirement as she hands over the work to the 6 new Plugin Review teammembers.

Applications to be mentored as a contributor in the inaugural Mentorship Program have now closed. The team is selecting both mentors and mentees at this time and will kick off the first cohort on July 12.

Sustainability Team • Supporting Organizations • Commercial & Community Themes & Plugins • Pattern Curation

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Courtney Robertson
The WordPress Sustainability Team has launched. What's that?
The main objective of the team is to embed sustainable practices into the WordPress community and its processes. We focus on ensuring longevity; socially, economically, and environmentally.

Several organizations exist to support the work of WordPress, such as The WP Community Collective and HeroPress. Matt is proposing a way of displaying such supporting organizations.

Filters arrive for Themes and Plugins around what are Commercial efforts and what are Community efforts, while the Patterns Directory ponders using filters for displaying all patterns associated with a theme.

Improving Visa Support • Event Tooling • WP-CLI Updates • Block Inspector Sub-groups

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Courtney Robertson
Community team is considering tooling around the building and using the WordCamp websites, in addition to the naming of events. To help speakers attend WordCamps, additional lead time for visas is requested as well. Share your thoughts now.

WP-CLI has released 2 updates. Get a look at what new features are available.

See the dev blog for more ways to use the block inspector.

WP 6.3 Planning • WP20 • AI Forum Replies • LearnWP Survey Results

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Courtney Robertson
How did you celebrate WordPress's 20th birthday? Read Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress, now available on GitHub and e-reader formats.

WordPress 6.3 is underway. Core has shared the planning roundup, and the Design team is starting to prepare now.

Support forums recently discussed considerations on using AI to respond to forum issues. Human intervention is still necessary for the foreseeable future.

Training team surveyed attendees at the last 3 flagship WordCamps and any additional respondents. The data is in with feedback on the content and site functionality of

Critical Decision-Making for WordPress Accessibility

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Cory Miller
Part of good web design is informed decision-making for WordPress accessibility. Focusing on accessibility will enhance your website’s user experience, improve your site’s search engine optimization, and keep your company from facing costly lawsuits. But before you make accessibility a…

Tech Roundup Week Ending May 12

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Mike Demopoulos
WooCommerce 7.7 If you're running an online store using WooCommerce, you'll be excited to hear about the recent 7.7 release! This latest update focuses on improving performance, security, and user experience. Among the key features in version 7.7 is the…

The WP Agency Journey with Bet Hannon of AccessiCart-Post Status Draft

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Bet Hannon, CEO of AccessiCart, talks with Cory Miller about her journey in starting an agency focused on accessibility and e-commerce in the WordPress space. She highlights the importance of accessibility, not only as a legal requirement but also as a means to enhance the user experience for all visitors. Bet emphasizes the need for WordPress professionals to continually educate themselves about accessibility and user experience best practices, collaborate with communities, and consider the diverse needs of users with disabilities. By prioritizing accessibility and optimizing user experiences, we can create inclusive websites that benefit all users.
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