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Dan Knauss
Radiopaper is like a ring of threaded and publicly aggregated full-text Webmentions created via email — you email people you want to have a semi/private conversation with, and the conversation is published publicly. It's like if IndieWeb News let you…

Amber Wilson wants us to help…

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Dan Knauss

Amber Wilson wants us to help grow the IndieWeb with Webmentions: "With webmentions, each person owns their own data and each person can communicate with others. Webmentions are basically a way to display on your personal site ways that others…

This mention of “Webmentions” by Drew…

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Brian Krogsgard

This mention of "Webmentions" by Drew McLellan caught my attention. Webmention is a W3C Recommendation and similar in concept to Pingbacks. (It also seems adapted to deal with some of Pingback's weaknesses.) I'll admit not hearing about Webmentions until I…
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