Tech Roundup Week Ending March 3

WP Engine DE{CODE} 

The WP Engine DE{CODE} event is a highly-anticipated gathering of WordPress developers, designers, and digital marketers worldwide. This event allows attendees to network with like-minded professionals and learn about the WordPress ecosystem's latest trends, technologies, and best practices. The event features expert speakers who share their insights on WordPress development, design, security, performance optimization, content creation, and more. Attendees can also participate in workshops and training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge. Overall, the WP Engine DE{CODE} event is excellent for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of WordPress.

Web.Dev: ‘New to the web platform in February.'

Rachel Andrew on Web.Dev posted the updates from popular browsers this month:

β€’ Firefox 110 and Chrome 110 became stable, offering support for size container queries, CSS initial-letter property, and ReadableStream async iteration. 

β€’ Firefox added support for the Origin Private File System in the File System Access API.

β€’ Chrome included all features described in CSS Color Level 4 and View Transitions API and declarative shadow DOM.

β€’ Safari 16.4 added support for: user-invalid and: user-valid pseudo-classes, margin-trim property, range syntax for media queries, CSS Properties, and Values API and @property as well as Web Push and Badging APIs. 

β€’ Chrome 110 marks a change in the release schedule, with an early stable release rolling out a week earlier than the general release.

ScrapeNinja for Easy JSON Data

ScrapeNinja is a powerful web scraping tool that enables users to extract data from websites quickly and easily. It boasts a user-friendly interface and extensive features that make it ideal for both beginners and experienced users. With ScrapeNinja, users can scrape websites for text, images, videos, and other types of content. The platform also offers advanced features such as automatic IP rotation, browser emulation, and anti-bot detection to ensure users can scrape websites without being detected or blocked. Additionally, ScrapeNinja provides detailed analytics reports that allow users to track their scraping performance and optimize their strategies accordingly. Overall, ScrapeNinja is a highly effective tool for anyone looking to gather data from the web quickly and efficiently.

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