Test your kerning skills with the Kern Type game

This is just for fun. My coworker introduced it to me yesterday. A great practice for anyone that toys with the frontend, and a good opportunity to showoff for experienced typography nerds. Move the letters left and right to properly kern each round. And of course share your score πŸ™‚

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  1. I did this the first time yesterday and got a 74, but that’s with a zero on the first test because I messed up the controls πŸ™‚ 88 this time. Did pretty well throughout, but 40 something on Toronto. Ouch!

    1. I can’t see the total score on that link for some reason. Or I’m blind. Distinct possibility.

    2. How’d you save that link? I wish I could trade my second score of 91 in for my first of 94!

  2. OK. So, I was confused by the controls on the first two. Ended up with an 87/100 though. For me, the hardest was FF Meta Serif. I’ve never used it, so I wasn’t comfortable with the characteristics of the letterforms but actually ended up nailing it trying to think like Erik Spiekermann. Thanks for sharing this one. Right up my type nerd alley.

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