The dangers of paying too close of attention to industry news

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

2 thoughts on “The dangers of paying too close of attention to industry news”

  1. I’m glad to hear this as I catch up with your last couple mailings. I notice the gap days, but when I see there’s nothing from you in my inbox I think that’s a good thing because I know what a constant, machine-like churn will cost you in the quality of your work, your life, and your family. I don’t want “my money’s worth” to have an excess of those external costs on others.

    This post reminds me of cases of “blogger burnout,” like Andrew Sullivan who quit cold turkey earlier this year because he said it nearly killed him. That’s no joke, and neither is the less lethal but still injurious cognitive overload driven by fear of missing out. It’s a reality everyone has to battle if they’re plugged into the interwebs for most of the day. Your “less is more” approach to filtering the firehose for others is great for them, but it also requires you to make use of the killswitch for your family and your own life. It’s a very good thing to make this reminder in a public way now and then. I appreciate how you keep your humanity up front. Stay healthy, stay sane, and it helps others do that too.

  2. @Brian: Thanks so much for sharing this. I basically quit following Twitter a year ago because it was stressing me out, trying to keep up with everything. So this post really just confirmed that I was doing the right thing 🙂 And now with Post Status I do feel less worried about missing some important news.

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