The dire state of WordPress

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Written By Travis Northcutt

2 thoughts on “The dire state of WordPress”

  1. I get much of what the author is saying, but I also think there’s not much stopping plugin and theme developers from changing their practices themselves. Also, I don’t think a theme architecture like twenty twelve is unorganized spaghetti code at all. It may not be what the author thinks its best, but it’s not unorganized in my opinion.

    The Hacker News discussion on this is entertaining as well

    I think a commenter there maybe nailed it: “WordPress is the worst CMS — except for all the others”. What core developer is satisfied with the codebase? None. If they were, they’d quit contributing. The platform is positively evolving in the best way its contributors know how — with time and energy.

  2. Every now and then there will always be someone with an elitist pov to How It Should Be Done. Even though he has very valid points his rant shouldn’t have been about the dire state of WordPress, but more-so about how he thinks the software evolution of WordPress should’ve went down and what he could’ve done to to help.

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