The future of the New York Times’ WordPress blogs under question

I read an article this morning that questions the future of the blog format at The New York Times. According to a source in the story, having the more relaxed blog atmosphere along with the content that makes its way to the paper ends up offering “two versions of the same story and that was confusing for readers (and search engines).” The story indicates a future for some NY Times blogs, under the umbrella of Scoop (their new site-wide CMS), may include more of a hot / breaking news feed on the homepage, which I assume wouldn’t be archived long term.

I have a hard time believing blogs at the Times are really in trouble, given how huge some of them are, like FiveThirtyEight. Also, they just hired Scott Taylor (@wonderboymusic, a prolific WP contributor) to work on their blogs team. h/t Simon Dickson (I also agree with Simon’s conclusion).

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