The WP Buffs has made its…

The WP Buffs has made its first acquisition: WP EZI. 👏

Allie Nimmons explains how this came about and what's next:

“…WP Buffs purchased WP EZI for 5-figures. This included 65 active subscriptions and 343 total customers… WP Buffs won’t be making any changes to WP EZI’s services or branding at all, at least not right now. The only change that’s being made: WP EZI will stop selling new care plans.”

Joe Howard commented: “Just from a financial standpoint, we had bandwidth to be able to afford a purchase that will pay us back within 9-12 months.”

🎙️ There is also a WPMRR podcast episode with Joe and WP EZI founder Paul Tselekidis.

The WordPress maintenance space isn't something that comes to mind often when I'm thinking of business acquisitions, so it's good to see it growing in value. 📈

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