Tips for clients hiring a web consultant

Chris Lema has dropped some excellent tips for clients looking to hire a web developer / consultant.

My favorite part was his description of why clients should know their budget:

Sure, low prices exist, but in parts of town that won’t get you the customers you want. So what do you do? You figure out what you can afford, and then go from there.

There’s nothing different here. You need to know how much you can spend. That’s a function of your business plan and business model, not a function of the developer. Your budget is a line item in your cost model. Figure it out and know it. It will help you rule out developers that are too cheap, and those that are too pricey.

Plus, every developer likes to hear from a client that has a clear sense of what they can spend – regardless of the amount.

Also, if you’re a consultant, don’t think this post isn’t for you too. These tips are equally good for being introspective for how we onboard clients, and how we direct conversations. Check it out.

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