Today is International Women’s Day — a…

Today is International Women’s Day — a good day for listening to stories by fantastic women.

That’s something you can always do at HeroPress where Amena Mabrouk is the latest contributor. Amena shares how the WordPress community helped her learn and grow without judgement. 💪

Be sure to check out Women In WP, a new twice-monthly podcast by and “about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress community.” Women In WP’s creators are Amy MassonAngela Bowman, and Tracy Apps. 🎙️

For Automattic, Deborah Beckett explains gender balance and inclusion as a business issue, especially in the context of remote work. ⚖️

The Firefox team at Mozilla asked women in tech what they hope for in the future of the web. Their answer: “More empowerment, less harassment.”

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