Tweeple plugin offers tweet feeds compatible to Twitter V1.1 API


If you’re like most of the internet, you probably didn’t update your Twitter feeds embedded on your site to comply with Twitter’s V1.1 API. Well, their V1.0 API  fully deprecated about a week ago, and a ton of Twitter WordPressplugins broke with it. Jason Bobich has your back though.

He just created Tweeple, a WordPress plugin to create custom Twitter feeds . It requires authentication (all Twitter API 1.1 stuff does), but it looks like a great UI, and a cursory glance at the code looks good. Jason makes nice things at Theme Boulevard, and I’m confident he’ll be keeping this plugin up to date for a long time to better serve his theme customers that want this functionality.

So, I’m going test it out and (if all goes well) trust it with my client sites that need custom Twitter feeds.

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  1. Thank you for this easy to use WordPress plug-in. Can you make one that works for non-WP, regular website? Really needed out there!

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