Two personnel announcements were made today,…

Two personnel announcements were made today, and while I don’t typically comment on such things anymore, I figured I would this time because they are both friends.

Matt Medeiros took his first full time job in over a decade to do sales at Pagely. You’ll still see him in a community capacity, and he talks about the change on his blog. Matt will make a great ambassador for Pagely.

Jeff King left his position as Vice President of Hosting at GoDaddy around the end of 2016 and now works at Facebook. But he is keeping an eye on the WordPress community, with a new role on Liquid Web‘s board. Jeff was largely responsible for GoDaddy’s turnaround within the WordPress community, and I’m glad he’s keeping one foot in. Also interesting in that announcement, Liquid Web states they make over $100 million in total revenue.

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