Post Status Excerpt: Understanding Your Outsourcing Needs

Post Status Excerpt (No. 58) — Understanding Your Outsourcing Needs

“Matching is key. …the right skills, the right availability, and the right temperament to join an agency’s team to help them meet their goals.”

— Morayo Orija

Have you ever considered outsourcing some aspect of your business? Have you hired a virtual assistant — for yourself or for your agency? David chats with Michael Short and Morayo Orija from GoWP about the value of outsourcing certain business operations. Learn what to look for, and why you might need to “let it go” and trust other people as you outsource parts of your business you can’t handle.

Why This Matters: Most businesses and freelancers can’t do it all — or they shouldn’t. Whether it’s accounting, content creation, or development — we sometimes have to acknowledge our limitations and weaknesses. Why not turn to trusted sources in the industry and WordPress community for help? If you’ve thought about outsourcing as a possible solution for your business, you’ll benefit from listening to Michael and Morayo.

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