Using React with WordPress — Draft podcast

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Written By Katie Richards

2 thoughts on “Using React with WordPress — Draft podcast”

  1. I just wanted to throw out there, I personally like the hour podcast versus half an hour. Even the hour podcast seems to go by real quick but generally the podcasts I listen to (WordPress Weekly, Shoptalk Show) usually do hour shows and just like your show have plenty of great content to fill that time with.

  2. I think the length of the talk was fine, and I think it’s great to hear about things like React. With the REST API WordPress is about to power a lot more than just “websites”. . .it already is doing that, but it’s going to be happening more and more, so hearing about technology stacks that aren’t super common to WP is a great thing. . .not just for the existing community, but also for the community of the other technology. . .folks that are comfortable with REACT already might be interested in finding a good back-end for their app, and may have never realized that WP could easily power their app, so I’d love to hear more about things like REACT and other JS libraries. Keep em coming.

    The only suggestion I would maybe make if you keep the talks this long is to add the time next the topic discussed in your list of “Stories discussed” that way if someone wanted to just listen to a certain topic, they could skip straight to that point.

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