The value of niche content

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “The value of niche content”

  1. I wonder why more tech industry rags (re/code, Tech Crunch, Mashable, etc.) don’t have dedicated sub-brands for WP news. Seems like they ALWAYS get .org/.com/Automattic confused and have mostly glancing coverage of just about anything WP-related.

    • I think it’s because they have historically monetized eyeballs, and WordPress is still too small if that’s the only way you monetize. More big news sites are getting heavily into events though, and are seeing a lot of promise in that space.

      I think, at nearly any scale, eyeballs and banner ads just won’t cut it anymore. So they, like us, are exploring new options.

      Part of what makes a niche site possible is that it’s not available from everyone. Loads of folks are covering the big tech companies. Loads of eye balls, loads of providers. That’s the primary reason I’d rather be in my position than theirs. I have fewer sites I’m battling for your eyeballs. That helps a micro-niche site work well.

    • Good point. I was at a .js Meetup last night and the presenter asked how many had done some WordPress development and I bet at least three-quarters of the room raised their hands.

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