Weekend edition

Friday was a bit slow so I figured I’d wait for a weekend edition. We’re going to pack it all into one Note.

Jetpack had two vulnerabilities: one in the contact form (technically explained by Sucuri) and one limited to specific hosting configurations.

They also showed off their new plugin browser I mentioned last week. The cynic and me (and some of you that contacted me) wonders if Jetpack is gearing up for a WordPress app store, that would be a massive reversal of direction for Matt Mullenweg. But you never know.

Chris Lema finished his massive, massive review of WordPress membership plugins. He reviewed 30, and MemberPress got the top spot because it is specific for Memberships and ticks all his boxes. Memberships for WooCommerce also did very well (I use that here), as did iThemes Exchange and a handful of others. His reviews highlight the pros and cons for each option, and sometimes the score doesn’t perfectly reflect the plugin’s usefulness, but this is a superb resource.

Jeremy Felt has some unwritten (until now) rules for what makes the “right” kind of plugin for him, when he’s considering whether to install it on his university network. Plugin authors could do well to read this. He also wants your input for plugins that meet his criteria.

Human Made has a handy new plugin for repeating posts on a schedule.

UpThemes new DailyMag theme is pretty nice for a newsy/magazine theme.

SkyVerge shows how to renew a WooCommerce membership with a different plan.

Do you have a weird HTTPS configuration? John Blackbourn needs your feedback.

El Capitan is making some folks developer configuration break. This seems to help.

Automattic has a sabbatical policy of 5 years on, 3 months off. That’s a great benefit. Andy Skelton reflects on his time off.

I wrote on Friday the way I perceive value in apps. I don’t care how much your app costs to make. (Spoiler alert: I care about the value it brings)

Chrome Devtools have changed a ton over the years. This presentation describes Devtools in 2015.

This tutorial on Tuts+ shows how to make a mobile app with the WordPress REST API, Angular, and the Ionic framework. Unfortunately is uses 1.2.x, not 2.x, but it’s still a worthwhile resource.

If you do WordPress stuff for a lot of news sites, NewsPress is a project by some news nerds (mostly in house folks) that aims to squeeze WordPress to be better for publishing. It’s mainly an outline but a project some of you might want to get involved in. I love seeing their pain points and think WordPress core and product makers could learn from this.

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