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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Week in review: Evolving the customizer, WordPress philosophies, and more”

  1. I like these curated round ups from people I respect. Makes the burden of trawling through the internet a little lighter. Thanks 🙂

  2. I like rounds up like this – there are very few newsletters I subscribe to because of how much it can add to our inbox, and I don’t subscribe to near as many blogs as I used to.

    Having the round up in a blog post every week or every other week is nice. Plus, it’s more than just a list of links – it gives a reason as to why the article may be interesting.

    I say keep it up.

  3. I like this as well. I particularly like the fact that you write up a little bit about each link, helping to set the context.

  4. Hey Brian,

    Liking this format and thanks for the shout-out :). I always find your thoughts on what you’re reading interesting, so I definitely like the added insight with the list. Also seems more manageable to batch this weekly than doing this for every interesting article you come across. Thanks for the recap!

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