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What AI and Automation Are — and Aren’t — Good For

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about AI, automation, and how that fits into community. I applaud so much of how all of these things have simplified my life, and make my life so much easier as a disabled person. I use Ring doorbell to talk to anyone who rings my doorbell to let them know I’m on my way (but slow). I use Alexa to automate lights when I’m not home and voice commands to turn on/off lights, check the weather and news, and set my thermostat. This week I installed a Stream Deck to automate things at my desk like key lights, opening websites, and I even added a sound for podcasting fun. AI can generate copy for titles, tweets, and even site content.

But nothing surpasses human interaction. Being on a Zoom call for our Post Status weekly huddles, creative brainstorming with my Stellar team, one-on-ones with friends and family, and recording podcasts with my podcasting partners and guests all enhance my life greatly. And I appreciate interacting with so many of you on Twitter about WordPress, tech, and life in general.

Changes are coming to Twitter with the new leadership there. Our community has thrived on Twitter, so keep an eye out for each other there, and if you find a better solution that we can adopt as a community, let us know!

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