What do y’all think about a periodic job thread?

There's a lot of moving and shaking in the WordPress community. Would a jobs thread here be beneficial? As a place where job seekers could post that they're looking for work and / or available employers could post that they have positions available?

I think a good method for this might be  a “who's hiring” post like Hacker News does. What do you think? Worthwhile? Might not be immediate, but it's always worth putting feelers out there. I personally feel that the key would be to make sure it's legit people on both sides of the equation. Perhaps require links to portfolios or some other type of validation.

What do you think?

edit: I imagine this as a single post where people comment on that post. Not an influx of jobs posts. It would be very periodic (like once a month). By no means a core tenet of the site.