When, Not Why, Store Owners Choose an E-Commerce Platform — The Woo Snippet (February 14)

WooCommerce 6.3 Beta 1 Ready for Testing

Time for testing with the release of WooCommerce 6.3 Beta 1 in preparation for next month’s release. Both WooCommerce Blocks and Admin have been updated. And speaking of blocks, WooCommerce Blocks 7.0.0 has been released. It brings Global Styles support to more blocks and improves editor capabilities.

After having been an opt-in feature for some time, the new product filtering mechanism in WooCommerce announced a few months ago is rolling out for the public in WooCommerce 6.3. A post is up on the Woo developer blog outlining what you need to know as a shop administrator.

Woo versus Ecwid

In other news, Forbes published an article comparing WooCommerce to Ecwid. The bottom line for the authors: Woo is the choice for WordPress users and Ecwid for all those “other” existing websites. I guess it’s that simple, huh?

Why When Store Owners Choose an E-Commerce Platform

At the Post Status partners retreat last week, members David Mainayar (Co-Founder at PeachPay), Aaron Campbell (WordPress Ecosystem at Newfold), and Jonathan Wold (Partnerships at Post Status) got into a discussion about eCommerce site ownership. A good insight I took away is that owning your own site and content is not really a selling point, even with WooCommerce, when a business first goes online. Ownership tends to matter at the moment when the shop owner realizes they need it. Being there at the point in time is a challenge for Woo and the whole Woo/WordPress ecosystem.

WooCommerce Brand Management

Lately, I’ve been curious about how WooCommerce manages its own branding. Tune in and listen to Woo team members Fernando Perez and Andrei Slobtsov share insights around branding and design, behind the scenes at WooCommerce.

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