Who’s hiring in WordPress?

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  1. Hey, i’m happy to be the first guy in an experiment. Isn’t that how Captain America got started?

    1. Hireable. Contract def., but would consider full-time if it was the right work.
    2. I would love to code BuddyPress 24/7, but wouldn’t mind doing projects and sites that required decent customization and functionality additions (something beyond blog templates usually).
    3. It would have to be remote.
    4. I can provide a specialized resume or portfolio depending on what you are looking for.
    5. Since i’m planning a WordCamp, start date would depend on how many hours needed. After April – if you see that far into the future – i’m pretty open.
    6. I have minimum project budgets, but i’ll relate that information once i know more about the work.
    7. Ping me on my site or on Twitter. @dimensionmedia

    Brian, hope this is a start of a good tradition. I see it on HN every month and it seems to go well enough over there.

  2. (1) Hiring.

    (2) Full time, but will consider freelance / project for candidates open to full time in the future.

    (3) WordPress software engineers, front end developers, project managers.

    (4) Remote, however, we will likely have a supplemental physical location for our employees in Portland, OR soon.

    (5) Check out our website to get a sense of what we do: 10up.com

    (6) Start date is flexible. We’re not rushing to fill an urgent position. We’re always interviewing and always hiring.

    (7) Salary range is entirely dependent on both hard (development) and soft (communication, organizational) skills. However, if you’re a freelancer charging $100/hour and working 40 hours per week, don’t expect to make the same annual keep at an agency with benefits, vacation time, overhead, etc.

    (8) Contact: See 10up.com/contact

  3. Hiring for a full time developer, but want to test on a contract first, work can be remote.

    Type of work: hardcore WordPress plugin development.

    Contact me by knowing my first name is joost and what my domain is. If you can’t work that out you’re probably not going to be a good fit anyway 😉

    Salary etc is all negotiable.

  4. Looking for my replacement right now; Web Developer/Program Manager, full-time, we’d prefer the DC area but if you insisted I may be able to do San Antonio or Tampa. Requires: active TS/SCI security clearance, B.S. in Computer Science/IT or equivalent experience, ability to complete CompTIA Security+ within 3 months of hiring.

    Send me your resume and cover letter: mwales — kforcegov.com

    On the flip side of that, I’m available for freelance work during CST off-hours. Backend (PHP, Python) and front-end. Just google me and if you want to discuss further: webmaster — michaelwales.com

  5. Great idea really love it and interested to see what happens.

    1. Hireable.
    2. Full time but would consider full time if a community design/BuddyPress role.
    3. I am focused on BuddyPress and community design specifically. My skills are in the entire theme design; concept through to theme development.
    4. Remote.
    5. Everything about me is on http://www.logicalbinary.com and I can provide more information if wanted.
    6. I’m on projects until March but have some space from then.
    7. I prefer to quote per project but am available for daily or weekly (more if want) bookings.
    8. Please contact me via http://logicalbinary.com/contact

  6. I’ll put Infomedia in the mix as well. We’re a team of 25ish people in Birmingham, and we working with a variety of local and regional clients. We design and develop custom websites, eCommerce stores, and applications. WordPress is our primary CMS and application tool.

    1) Hiring
    2) Full time, but a contract for a testing period is possible
    3) PHP developer w/ a desire to use and learn WP intricacies (from me!)
    4) We’re based in Birmingham, AL
    5) http://infomedia.com/jobs
    6) Starting date negotiable
    7) Email jobs @ infomedia . com

  7. This is an awesome idea. For our part, Modern Tribe is always looking for freelancers who’d be interested in working on both the service and products sides of the business. Specifically:

    2. Contract (we only work with freelancers, and don’t have employees)
    3. We’ve got a service side of the business focusing on projects for large companies, educational institutions and startups, as well as a products side focusing on our stable of plugins including The Events Calendar (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/the-events-calendar/) and it’s add-ons.
    4. All our work is remote, and the current team is scattered across timezones.
    5. Some of our clients and more information on the types of projects we do can be found at http://tri.be/services/.
    6. No set start date, as there are multiple projects involved. Let us know what you’re interested in and your general availability.
    7. Budgets differ from project to project, and pay differs depending on experience and reliability. Talk to us.
    8. For more on joining the team and what we’re looking for in an independent contractor, check out http://tri.be/about/join-our-team/.

  8. 1. Hiring
    2. Full time
    3. Looking for someone with WordPress experience and a good bit of experience leading Web-marketing initiatives at institutions of higher education
    4. On location (Fredericksburg, VA)
    5. Sadly, with the job system we use, we can’t link directly to the position announcements. Instead, you’ll have to visit http://careers.umw.edu/, click on Administrative/Professional
    Faculty Positions and then click “View” on the “Director of Digital Communications” position.
    6. Completely open
    7. No idea
    8. Fill out the application at the link in number 5

  9. It’s a brilliant initiative of yours, Bryan. Thanks for this opportunity. Let me introduce myself: I’m 25 years old Brazilian man, graduated in Computer Science (BA) and starting MBA. I do like to create interfaces (Photoshop, HTML, CSS and JavaScript – not just jQuery!!-) and write the entrails of applications, both hacking WordPress but not limited to it, using Laravel or CodeIgniter.

    I do also work with Django and Rails, however, not so good at them like with WordPress, Laravel or CodeIgniter. I’m an avid Tabletop RPG player and I also write posts on this theme (in portuguese, my main language, http://rpgdomestre.tumblr.com), but, sometimes, I also write posts reviewing conference talks and other stuff related to IT (at http://nomnmo.com).

    With all this, let’s go to the point:

    I have a full-day job, however, starting transitioning to part-time and, I expect get to full freelance soon. I can start a CONTRACT JOB AS SOON AS ONE MONTH from now (Feb 18, 2013) on WordPress theme/plugin development, other systems (Laravel or CodeIgniter), PSD to HTML/CSS/JavaScript and, also, I can write posts, if you wish. This start date is due to other projects I must end before I start work with you.

    I’d rather work REMOTELY, however, if some real special offer appears, I can change my mind. You can see my RESUME at http://www.linkedin.com/in/erickpatrick. You can find some CODE EXAMPLE of mine at http://github.com/erickpatrick.

    You can also see some of the INTERFACE DESIGN jobs and practices I’ve done at http://erickpatrick1988.deviantart.com. I’d rather get involved in CONTRACTS ranging from $600 and $2000, however, we should talk to get to the right price.

    You can contact me through [email protected]; or @erickpatrick or even http://fb.me/erickpatrick1988.

    Best regards,

  10. Have you ever wished for something, and have it almost magically appear right then? That’s what just happened with me and this experiment. Thanks, Brian! Very cool!

    The info:
    * I’m very hireable.

    * I can do contract, or full-time for the right opportunity.

    * I use WordPress mostly. I like doing full-builds, themes, multi-site mgmt, content production, marketing strategies & brand management ( I have an MBA in marketing strategy from the University of Alabama–sorry, Brian). I love Adobe products. I also just published a book on using Bootstrap (can check it out here if you’d like: http://amzn.to/130tAZa), but I have a goal of becoming a WP expert.

    * Unless you’re in the Louisville, KY area or have a jet, it’s going to need to be remote work.

    * I can start anytime.

    * I like to quote work on a project-by-project basis, vs. hourly, if possible.

    * I can be contacted via musgrove @ webdesignpop . com or (502) 264-2353.

    Thanks for the opportunity to connect!

  11. *I Am Hireable

    *Contract Only/ Few hours a day – Long Term or Short Term

    *Design / Front End Development / Genesis


    *I have a few sites that showcase my work, SureFireThemes.com, SureFireWebServices.com/my-portfolio, http://genesissandbox.com/, And http://demo.surefirethemes.com/genesis-sandbox/showcase/

    I’ve been designing and creating websites for 9 Years, coming up with strategies, managing projects etc. I’m currently focussing more on Design and Front End Dev (with WordPress of course). I do a lot with the Genesis Framework.

    *I can start any time.

    *I generally charge around $75 – $100/hour for small projects. But if something is consistent or long term or large scale, I’m very negotiable.

    Contact me via anyone of my contact forms, 631-772-9131, jperez (at) surefirewebservices.com

  12. Hireable


    I specialize in working with graphic designers and design firms to convert their designs into pixel-perfect WordPress themes. I have experience developing a very wide range of custom functionality and plugins – if WordPress is capable of doing it, I can write a theme that makes WordPress do it.

    Remote (I’m in Seattle, WA)

    Portfolio: http://wpalchemists.com/portfolio

    Can start pretty much any time you need me.

    Budget: I charge $100/hour. I work pretty fast. A typical brochure-style website is generally in the $1500-$2000 range.

    Contact me: [email protected]

  13. Hiring
    Full time
    WordPress.com VIP level work, you contribute to core/community, care about code quality, understand what it means to write code for high traffic environments.
    See our site for details of what we do.
    Open start date
    We pay well for right people.
    Email [email protected].

  14. 1. Hireable
    2. Full time
    3. I’m a UI designer with overlapping abilities in UX and front-end development. I have experience creating custom WordPress sites built off of Toolbox and _s, as well as child theming existing themes.
    4. I’m located in Boston and would love some work on-location, but I’m also okay with working for a distributed company.
    5. Resume: http://choycedesign.com/resume/
    6. Portfolio: http://choycedesign.com/ (Just as a note, I’m in the process of updating my portfolio section, since the work there is all pretty old — I’ve done a lot of work in the past year I’m contractually forbidden from displaying online. I have some recent work I’ll be putting up in the next two or three weeks.)
    7. Available to start the first week of April
    8. Salary is negotiable
    9. Drop me an email at [email protected].

  15. 1. I’m hireable!

    2. Contract work, maybe full-time for the right remote opportunity.

    3. I’m a front-end and WordPress developer working with other freelancers and agencies and helping them make their clients happy. I have over 7 years of experience in working with WordPress – I created themes for sale, WordPress-based websites for everyone from small businesses to large corporations, plugins based on projects requirements etc.

    4. I’m in Europe, but the majority of my clients are from the US so I’ve been adjusting my hours accordingly for the past few years.

    5. Portfolio site http://gentlecode.net/portfolio – please keep in mind the site is currently outdated and not including latests projects. For the past two years I’ve worked with agencies on several sites for corporations and NGOs/non-profits (under NDA).

    6. I should be available at the beginning of March.

    7. I charge $40/hour for smaller sites. For large projects spanning severals months, I’m open for negotiations.

    8. You can email me: justine at gentlecode.net

  16. WP Engine is hiring one or two people a week right now. We’d LOVE for you to join our team. We’re hiring dev and support staff to join our team. The company is growing and stable, and you’ll get the opportunity to work with a lot of really awesome people that I’m really proud to call my colleagues.

    Please check out the link above to see what positions we’re hiring for, and also visit wpengine.com/culture to see what drives our values, why we’re fun to work with, and if we’d actually be a good fit for *you.* We believe in keeping buzzwords to a minimum, and simply maintaining an engaging, challenging, supportive, and nurturing workplace.

    Please let me know if you have any questions: [email protected]

  17. I guess I’ll give this a shot. I’m pretty flexible, but here’s the basics.

    I would prefer full time, but I am available for freelance on the right project.
    Theme development, plugin development, PSD to WordPress… I just like building things with WordPress, and can be involved in as much or as little of the process as needed.
    I’m open to both on location and remote work – if local, then it would need to be in the Los Angeles, CA area.
    You can visit my website, or my Stack Careers and LinkedIn profiles.
    Start date is flexible.
    Salary is negoatible. Hourly rate depends on the scope of the project.
    You can shoot me a message on the Contact page of my website, find me on Twitter, or send an email to [email protected].

    If you think I can help you out, then don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to talk.

  18. Judging by the number of comments, I think you’re onto something here 🙂

    We’re looking to hire someone to help us support our plugin, Events Manager (and our Pro add-on).

    – Permanent Full time (Part Time possible)
    – Genre of WordPress related work : Support and Bug Wrangler
    – Remote work, flexible hours, looking for someone in the USA/Canada Timezone
    Full job description and application information

  19. I’m a WordPress designer who typically does brochure sites, but I’m getting more and more requests for more complex stuff. I use genesis, gravity forms and woo commerce, but need to find someone who can help with customizations.

    For instance, I’ve got a site started for a directory of an association, using gravity forms and some add-ons, but am stuck with how to customize..

    Another similar request is for someone looking for a website for networking groups that allows users to sign in and report their one-on-one networking meetings… I think gravity forms could do the job, but its beyond me…

    I’ve got several more of these kinds of projects… Would love to hire someone for these and possibly more larger ones…

    Located in palm beach gardens, fl…


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