With 2018 behind us and the…

With 2018 behind us and the new year begun, many people are posting “Year in Review” or “Looking Ahead” reflections. 🎊 It takes some time to think through these surges in the community’s collective learning, but it’s well worth it.

Here’s the initial group I’ve read and want to highlight:

WPForms produced a visually appealing end-of-the-year review, noting they’ve passed 1 Million active installs. CEO Syed Balkhi shared some personal and business highlights about his company’s other products as well.

Justin Tadlock shared his thoughts about the past year as a WordPress theme developer. (You should also read about Theme Hybrid‘s 10th anniversary, which Justin celebrated earlier this year.)

Jon Christopher reflects on 2018 with a provocative post, “Planning is Dead, Long Live Planning.” Jon offers this New Year’s toast: “Here’s to setting goals, sure, but also to breaking down the plans behind achieving those goals.”

Chris Coyier always looks over the past year at CSS Tricks, and this year is no exception. Chris takes an analytical, by-the-numbers perspective and also reviews his goals for the site.

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